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Asbestos Surveys: A Guide to What You Need to Know

Many buildings contain asbestos-containing materials, also known as ACM. If you suspect that you may have ACM in your industrial premises, you should arrange to have a survey carried out. This is an especially good idea if you are planning any industrial roofing repairs. asbestos survey

Why Get a Survey?

An asbestos survey will allow you to find out whether asbestos is present, and if so how much of it there is and where it is located. It will also provide you with information about the condition of the asbestos and whether it poses a threat, as well as the type of asbestos that is present and how easy it is to access.

If you own a commercial premises and you think that asbestos may be present in the roof, it is important to hire an asbestos roofing contractor to make the repairs. However, you will not know whether asbestos is present until you have carried out a survey.

There are two main types of asbestos surveys: management surveys and refurbishment surveys. The first is suitable when the premises currently in use and no refurbishments are planned, and the second is used if the building needs to be refurbished. The type of survey you choose will depend upon whether you are planning any refurbishment work or not.

Why Is It Important to Carry Out a Survey?

Although asbestos is is no longer used in the construction of new buildings, it remains present in many older buildings. If asbestos is present in your premises, it is good to know where it is located and how much is present before you decide to carry out any renovation works.

This is because asbestos can be very dangerous. Breathing in the particles can cause serious health problems such as lung cancer. You could become ill if you carry out some DIY on your premises and are exposed to asbestos, or if you attempt to fix a commercial roof instead of hiring anĀ asbestos roofing specialist.

Normally, when asbestos is present it is not usually dangerous unless it is exposed or deteriorating. Still, if asbestos is present your wall or roof, you should always get specialist advice before deciding what to do with it.

How to Choose an Industrial Roofing Surveyor

If you decide to hire a surveyor to carry out an asbestos survey, you will need to choose someone with the skills and the qualifications to perform a professional job. Firstly, look for certification or accreditation as this will demonstrate that the surveyor is competent. Also, look for a surveyor with experience of carrying out surveys and who is aware of the risks involved and has adequate training. Sometimes you may be able to arrange an asbestos survey through the industrial roofing company you have hired to repair your roof, so this is another option.


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