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How to Delete a Facebook Account

Facebook has become one of the most important social networking revolutions of today. It seems that almost everyone has a Facebook account. Facebook allows an extremely high level of online social interaction with friends and networks. With photo uploads, games, videos, comments, walls and other interesting social media available, some people find it hard to stay off Facebook for more than 10 minutes. It would be prudent to say that Facebook has truly revolutionized the way we interact with each other over the internet. There are no age restrictions for Facebook users either, you can find both young and old using it abundantly. buy facebook accounts

Although Facebook is an amazing piece of technology, users sometimes feel the need to get away from it all. This may be due to many reasons, from just plain hating Facebook, to trying to get over a serious Facebook addiction. No matter what the reason, it is fairly simple to delete your Facebook account.

The first thing you need to do in order to delete your Facebook account is to login to your Facebook account. Then, go to the Account tab on the top right hand corner. On the drop-down menu that appears when you click on this, select ‘Account Settings’. On the ‘General’ tab of the ‘Account Settings’ dialog box, you will find a link saying ‘Deactivate Account’. This link is at the very bottom of the dialog box. By clicking on this link, you will be asked whether you are sure that you want to deactivate your Facebook account.

If you click yes, your account will be deactivated and your friends will no longer be able to see you on Facebook. However, you will be notified that your account will not be deleted permanently for 14 days, and that you can reactivate it anytime by logging back into Facebook within the next 14 days. This is a handy option just in case you want your Facebook account back.


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